Freeland Borough January 2024 Regular Meeting
January 25th, 2024 6:00pm TENTATIVE Agenda

I. Call To Order
II. Pledge to the Flag
III. Roll Call of Council
A. Barbara Tulanowski
B. Joshua Richie
C. John Budda
D. Marilyn Calderon
E. Richie Destefano
IV. Citizen Petitions A. Residents/Taxpayers – Please keep your petitions to 3 minutes and limit them to items on the agenda.
V. Officer Nominations
A. Nomination and Election of Borough Council President
B. Nomination and Election of Borough Council Vice-President
C. Nomination and Election of Borough Council President Pro Tempore
VI. Acceptance of Minutes
VII. Secretary & Tax Collector Reports
VIII. Payment of Bills
IX. Mayor’s Forum
X. Comments & Recommendations
A. Engineer – not in attendance
1. Working on pay applications for the stormwater and paving project.
B. Solicitor
XI. Committee Reports
A. Budget, Finance, & Administration
1. We are still working on transitioning the FBDA accounts, debts, and assets to the borough.
2. Garbage bills will be going out soon! The increase to $250 will not be done until the July bill.
3. We will also be including our first newsletter, The Freeland Flyer, to help communicate important news and events to the public on a semi-annual, or possibly a quarterly basis.
4. Two (2) Vacant Council Seats
5. Public Boards & Commission Vacancies
A. Zoning Hearing Board (3 of 3)
B. Technology Committee (2+)
C. Planning Commission (2+)
D. UCC Planning Commission (3-5)
B. Police, Code Enforcement, & Zoning
1. Report from Chief Maholik
2. Still looking into the Smart Safety Software Easy Street Draw Editor Annual Subscription $140/year maintenance included or Perpetual license $373.75 with only 1 year maintenance included
3. Motion to place the crown victoria on Municibid for auction with a minimum bid of $1,000.
4. Motion to approve YCG quote for removal and installation of TDx from Yukon to PIU $180.00
5. Raise Officer Rich Wysocki wage to $ _______ per hour
6. Raise Officer Jonathan Veet wage to $ _______ per hour
7. Motion to hire ____________________ as Part-Time Code Enforcement Officer: _____ hrs per week @ $_____ per hour
8. Motion to hire ____________________ as Part-Time Code Enforcement Officer: _____ hrs per week @ $_____ per hour
C. Streets & Sanitation 1. Report from Lorne Rish
2. Place GMC Stakebody Recycling truck on Municibid with a minimum bid of $15,000.

D. Fire, Light, & Water 1. Report from Chief Stepansky

E. Buildings & Grounds 1. Motion to Approve $6,437.00 for HVAC repairs on the heating unit at 526 Fern St.

F. Recreation Board 1. Four (4) Vacant Seats: Interested applicants should obtain an application from the Borough Secretary’s office; Clearances required

XII. Acceptance of Committee Reports
XIII. Unfinished Business
XIV. New Business & Correspondence
A. Motion to approve road closure for Memorial Day Car Show on Front St. from Pine St. to Birkbeck St. on May 25th.

XV. Resolutions & Ordinances
XVI. Public Input
XVII. Adjournment