Freeland Borough council

January work session Agenda

01/18/2024 @ 6:00 pm

  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Roll Call of Council
    • Barbara Tulanowski
    • Joshua Richie
    • John Budda
    • Marilyn Calderon
    • Richie Destefano
  4. Mayor’s Forum – Mayor Palko won’t be in attendance.
  5. Comments & Recommendations
    • Engineer & Solicitor are working on a resolution to the erosion and water discharge issues at the bottom of Schwabe St. caused by illegal logging in the area.
  6. Committee Reports
      • Budget, Finance, & Administration
        1. The completed 2022 audit stated that a separate account should be in place for ambulance funds. They should not be held in the general fund.
        2. We are still working on transitioning the FBDA accounts, debts, and assets to the borough.
        3. Garbage bills will be going out soon! The increase to $250 will not be done until the July bill.
          • We will also be including our first newsletter, The Freeland Flyer, to help communicate important news and events to the public on a semi-annual, or possibly a quarterly basis.
        4. Borough Council Vacancies
          • We have received a few letters of interest for the vacant seats, which are much appreciated. Please be advised that letters of interest will be accepted until end of business on January 24th.
        5. Public Boards & Commission Vacancies
          • Civil Service Commission (2 of 3)
          • Zoning Hearing Board (3 of 3)
          • Technology Committee (2+)
          • Planning Commission (2+)
          • UCC Planning Commission (3-5)
      • Police, Code Enforcement, & Zoning
        1. Police & Public Safety – Anything from the chief?
        2. Code Enforcement
          • Several properties were boarded up and signs were posted by code enforcement.
          • Talk about selling the Crown Victoria which is no longer in use.
        3. Zoning – Nothing to report
      • Streets & Sanitation
        1. Lots of compliments & thanks for the good job they did plowing the streets.
        2. Discuss selling the recycling truck
      • Fire, Light, & Water – Anything from the fire chief?
      • Buildings & Grounds
        1. Discuss taking action on the Kowalski bid for air handler/HVAC repairs of $6,437.00
      • Ambulance
      • Rec Board
        1. Tentative meeting to be held January 22nd @ 5:30pm
          • There are 4 vacancies
          • Last meeting cancelled due to insufficient members
  7. Unfinished Business
  8. New Business & Correspondence
    • Chamber of Commerce
      1. Read letter from Fred Ackers
  9. Public Input
  10. Adjournment